Why Corporate Video Production is Best Left to Professional Video Production Companies

A well-produced corporate video can bring enormous benefits to a wide range of business, across a variety of industries. But going in-house or choosing the wrong video production company can mean your left with a video that has actually has detrimental impact on your reputation. Here’s why corporate video production is best left to professional video production companies.


As websites without video content begin to look increasingly archaic and the Internet continues to replace traditional advertising media, organizations across the public, private and charity sectors are falling over themselves to produce videos about what they do and who they are.


That's to say that corporate video production is important. Extremely. Nowadays, if you want to compete (particularly online), a corporate video has become a virtual commercial necessity. But if you really want your video to be effective, it's crucial that you get in right.


A badly constructed film or video with no discernible narrative, poor direction, terrible sound quality, mixed messages and amateurish production values will always reflect badly on an organization. If the video is poor, prospective customers or clients will naturally expect the same of your products or services.


Despite what seems very obvious, from time-to-time people will tell me that they have decided to go "in-house", which more-often-than-not means purchasing a cheap camcorder and a basic editing package. But good corporate video production is a craft that requires experience, knowledge and technical expertise; and in most cases is best left to professional video production companies.


Would you hand out a tatty, photocopied leaflet to promote your product or services? Or would you prefer a glossy, attractive, professional-looking document? Which one do you think is most likely to be effective? Which one would you be embarrassed to hand out?


Long gone are the days when watching video online was a frustrating, time-consuming experience. Today, consumers on the web are bombarded with information, they're used to watching good quality video content and expect well-crafted films with a decent resolution. If not, the back button, or a competitor's websitePsychology Articles, is not very far away.


A bad corporate video isn't just throwing away money. Much more is potentially at stake.


You risk throwing away your reputation.

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