Anton Bakarski


Anton Bakarski is one of the most experienced cinematographers in Eastern Europe, with hundreds of credits and more than 15 years of experience working  in features, documentaries, commercial and TV series.  His vast experience has taken him to the United States, Germany, Russia and Romania. With his intelligent approach, trained cinematic eye and sense of narrative detail, Anton is know as a cinematographer with a unique style. Anton is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Cinematographers (BAC).




Project Zenit

FIBank Easy Credit TVC

Kamenitza Staro Pivo 3 TVC

Kamenitza Staro Pivo 3 TVC

High End Product TVC

The Mole 2 TVC

Multivitamins TVC

Citrovit TVC

Globul - Actress TVC


Maretti TVC

Astika TVC

Great Wall - Volex TVC

Nestle Yogurt TVC

Globul - Racer TVC

VIP Brother TVC

Globul - Balloon TVC