Drago Sholev



One of the most talented directors in the field of film and commercials, Drago graduated in Animation and  Film Directing from  the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts.  Presently, he has directed more than 300 commercials and music videos.  "Shelter", his first feature film, was presented at over 100 festivals around the world and was bestowed the Grand Prix Award of the15th edition of Sofia Film Fest, in addition to over 30 other awards worldwide.


Keep the local Taste TVC

Men are cooking TVC

Fruits & Vegetables TVC

Pilos TVC

Save the dinner - Nevena TVC

Save the dinner - Sofia TVC

Capital TVC

Save the dinner - Christmas TVC

Ariana TVC

VolksWagen Sportsvan  teaser

VolksWagen Sportsvan TVC

Summer is a beautiful season TVC

No tobacco among children TVC

M tel - Cristmas TVC

 MTC - Laika TVC

Milkavita TVC


Vodka Alaska TVC

Alpha Bank TVC

Globul Generation TVC

Mtel TVC

Ariana - Radler TVC

Vodka Serkova - Join The Exitement TVC

Globul Christmas TVC


Cinemania TVC

Lider TVC

MTC Big Screen TVC