Ivan Moskov

Ivan Moskov has unique style and individual approach, a rebel of sorts in the Bulgarian film community.  Moskov is a  self taught director, who came from the school of "hard knocks" and "trial and error." He is the first to promote is lack of formal film production education thus we feel his work should speak for himself.






Tuna DiAlba - Jorkata TVC

Nassimo -There is light Corporate

Florina - Vishna TVC


Zagorka Maxx TVC

Walltopia Corporate

Telenor TVC

Sofia International Film Festival 2016 TVC

The Prodigy - Run With The Wolves MV

OMV and VIVA  with Andre Tokev TVC

Jack Daniel's - Jingle bells MV

Heineken - The Jigsaw TVC

Handy - Kung Fu TVC

Alex Jekova - The other side of the moon MV