Nenad Boroevich


boroevichNenad is a very talented cinematographer, born in Macedonia but living and working in Bulgaria. Graduated National Academy of Film and Theatre Arts in Sofia.
After graduation Nenad worked on numerous short films and documentaries .He has over 10 years of experience and mostly in the commercial sphere with over 150 commercials in his portfolio. Nenad also have shot 10 feature films and TV series such as Mission London, Glass House (TV) and many more.



Fruits & Vegetables TVC

Pilos TVC

Save the dinner - Nevena TVC

Save the dinner - Sofia TVC

Save the dinner - Teaser 1 TVC

Men are cooking TVC

Save the dinner - Christmas TVC

Rodna stryaha TVC

TELENOR - 4G Postpaid TVC

Tobacco Among Children TVC

National Lottery-Clovers TVC

Light Thereafter

Kamenitza Canada TVC

Easy Credit-Remont TVC

Supernova TVC

Mtel bank TVC

Telenor HTC TVC

Mtel Christmas TVC

Mtel Image TVC

One Upside-down TVC

Tikvesh Wine TVC

Vodka Alaska TVC

Vivacom bundles TVC

Viva TVC

mtel image 2 TVC

Globul - magic choice TVC