script writing/script doctor

Script doctoring and consultation.  Our script services provide you with the tools you needcopywriting (1) to properly achieve your productions message.  Our goal is to provide you with the right tone, plot, dramatic action, humor, dialogue, scene structure, character arc and consistency.  The bottom line: we will give you detailed notes, highlighting the strengths of your script while offering a variety of creative solutions to improve on the weaknesses.




different facial expressions

Casting. Our in-house casting director works with partner agencies in the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. We also work in close collaboration with all other casting and extras agencies in Bulgaria, creating a cooperative environment to achieve the best results for our clients.





Bulgaria offers a wide range of location variety: high mountains with Alpine views, green valleys, rocky coastlines, beaches, rivers, and lakes. The Capital, Sofia, is a modern city with many historical landmarks. The city also presents ample opportunities to simulate a wide range of international locations with its varied architectural styles on display. The country’s condensed and varied territory keeps logistics easy, while the continental climate and full four seasons make the country a favorite shooting location for many international filmmakers.



studios, sets and back lots

MatchPoint Productions owns a 4 studio stage - 5000 m2 complex, located 22 kilometers from the center of Sofia .In addition to our studio, there are over 56,000 m2 of back-lot and expansion area for new exterior standing sets, if required. Presently, the back-lot has a standing Western Town, American Town with gas station, a Medieval Village, a 15th Century Galleon Ship and an Arctic Research Station.  In addition to our own studio back lot, we also offer a standing New York City back lot, London streets, Roman City, Greek Village, Middle East City, American Villa and a Russian Gulag camp with our association with NuBoyana Studios. In addition to exterior sets, MatchPoint also maintains various interior sets such as an American Police Station, Country Bar, Western Bar, Submarine, 737 Airplane, American Style House, Morgue and various other commonly needed and unique sets.

*Locations and sets presentation is available.




Our rental department is founded on a combination of film and commercial service experience. Our equipment consists of a fully equipped in-house production facility, digital and film cameras, lenses, lighting, grip and sound packages, editing, vehicles, and all associated production and support equipment.


  • Cameras: Arri Alexa , RED Dragon, RED Epic, RED One and a full complement of Arri 35 mm film cameras.
  • Stedicam and MOVI: Steadicam packages, with or without operators as well as MOVI camera platforms.
  • Lenses: Full prime lens sets, Including Ultra and Master Primes and various other Zeiss and unique lense packages.
  • Lighting: Full lighting packages include a complete range of HMI’s, Tungsten, Keno-Flows and various other specialty lights.
  • Grip: Full grip packages which includes dollies, cranes, Hot Heads, Blue and Green Screens.
  • Editing: Full on-line Final Cut Pro HD system with surround sound system and mixing board.
  • Special Equipment: Smoke, Rain & Snow machines as well as many other unique special effects tools and machines.

We also have rental arrangements with a wide range of other  equipment & accessories such as  Slow Motion Camera, Cooke Lenses, Angenieux, Super Techno Cranes, and Helicopter Drone Cameras to just name a few.

*Rental book is available.




MatchPoint is partnered with its own digital special effects company:  CINEDIGITAL, (formerly UFO SPFX). As a partner with our sister company in Los Angeles, it  has over 25 years experience in digital effects, being one the most experienced digital special effects companies in the business. Our postproduction studio has a large contingent of state-of-the-art software, complimented with a vast system of workstations and render engines. Presently, we have over 22 full time animators, compositors and digital artists on staff. We can also provide on-set digital effects supervisors and special effects consultation and coordination. The goal of our Special Effects Division is to provide Western-style special effects services at Eastern European cost-effectiveness.

In addition, MatchPoint offers sound design, music composition, audio implementation, and voice over services. We have years of creating content for over 100  titles, spanning multiple platforms across  film, TV, advertising  and web content.


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Film and commercials production in Bulgaria
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Film and commercials production in Bulgaria
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MatchPoint Productions,
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Telephone No.+359 888 883 684
We produce high quality video and filmed commercials for the local and foreign markets. Our services include: Pre-production, Script doctors and creative consultation, Planning, scheduling and budgeting, Location scouting, Studio & Sets, Full video postproduction services.