Valeri Milev


Valeri graduated Film and TV directing at the New Bulgarian University. Presently he has directed 3 American feature films;  Re-Kill for Joel Silver,  Code Red for E-1 and Wrong Turn 6 for 20th Century Fox.  His feature work is complimented by his production and direction of over 300 music videos and award winning commercials for local and international clients. Valeri is one of the Top Directors in Bulgaria with a unique style and creativeness.  His skills, talent and positive attitude make him one of the preferred Directors, that MatchPoint works with.





Lidl Grill Master 2 TVC

Actavis - Lactacare Stop TVC

Actavis - Lactacare Stop TVC

Bullets of Justice

The Mole 2 TVC

Clash Of The Titans TVC

Pireus Bank TVC

Vivacom New Hybrid TVC

Germanos - Ballon TVC

Vivacom - 3 Years TVC

FBI Easy Credit TVC

Vivacom New Hybrid TVC

Vivacom - Climber TVC

Germanos - Pilot TVC

Zagorka TVC

Vivacom - Camouflage TVC

Vivacom - Zorro TVC

Project Zenit - Silly POP Song MV

Reiffeisen TVC

 Fireball TVC